The Most Honest Three and a Half Minutes Of Television [Video]

by Ankit Agarwal on February 7, 2013

For the amount of TV shows I watch, I often wonder why I could never come up with interesting insights such as The Recipe For Creating a Superhit TV Show . I felt the same way when I realized  a particular video going viral talking about the most honest three and a half minutes of TV.

Yes it is the jaw-dropping, hard hitting answer by Jeff Daniels in the Aaron Sorkin TV show, Newsroom! Will McAvoy is the character that Jeff Daniels plays in the TV show which takes a look at how news channels have succumbed to advertisers and have stopped real journalism. As a passionate reader and writer, Newsroom is as much inspiring as it is entertaining.

On to the most honest three and a half minutes of television ever now. This scene is from the first episode of the show where Will McAvoy (Jeff Daniels) is in a panel addressing a gathering of students. I will let the video do the talking now and be rest assured, you won’t be wasting three and a half minutes

The most honest three and a half minutes of Television ever [Newsroom]


I am not going to go into the “honest” bit about the video primarily because I know very little about America. However, as an outsider whose opinion is based on the very little reading here and there one might find some truth to whatever is being spoken about. Having said that, I understand that a lot of people have not taken well to this scene being touted as the most honest TV. Patriotism is a very strong emotion and often belies rationale. Hell, I know that India is not perfect but I don’t think I will let anyone tell me that.

PS: It is not intension to hurt anyone’s sentiments by blogging about this.

Credits: James Bouder

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